We have in-house dedicated team to bring out modern, fresh, attractive and newfangled solutions for your company. Imagination, curiosity, challenges and so on make us who we are.


Keeping our customers demands in the first deck and working for their full satisfaction. We deliver your request on time and within budget, check the clock ticking.

Learners Mind

We are always strive to experiment with what they know and how they can improve. The growth of learning new things is unstoppable for DeployAd team.

About Us

Welcome to Deployad, the world of creative solutions.We offer excellent service, communication, and creative solutions. Our offerings include branding, advertising, digital marketing, and corporate training. We are known for our focused approach to creative thinking and smart strategy — both of which go on to build powerful brands. Deployad is a leading advertising and digital marketing agency in kozhikode and this gives us a strong combination of resources, expertise, creativity, and technology to take your business from beyond a product or service to a growing idea and a lifestyle choice.

If you are looking for a right advertising agency to boost your business.. connect with us.. we give excellent creative services and deploying our creative excellence in creating powerful core visualization around your product.

Our Founders

Mushthaque Ali Ahamed

Mukthar Ahmed

Young energetic and inspiring persons

With over 8 years hands on experience in this field. the founders of BEAT EDUCATIONS,LP ACADEMY and PRIMUS TECH SYSTEMS.and also they have roots in business of medical industry CUREPHY.

Our Advisors

Gopalkrishnan S Iyer

With over 35 years hands on experience in Shipping, Exports/ Imports, Education, Advertising, Marketing, Market Research, Banking, Finance, Taxes etc. Mr. Gopalkrishnan S Iyer is easily one of the most multi-faceted Business Consultants of South India.

Our Consulting Services

There are so many hurdles a brand becomes a brand. It's ok, you don't worry about that. Why are you worried when you have our brand consultancy! We offer you in depth marketing expertise brand analysis. We provide solutions to be successful in selling your product, service or ideas. Our service is designed for you by following all the latest marketing techniques and public relation strategy. We deliver the best aspects as per your expectations by following all the modern techniques and paths.

Bank and other loans

We provide you with details of available loans.

Finance management

Financial management is the business activity related to profit, expenses, cash and credit so that our organization can carry out its objective as satisfactorily as possible.

Setting up of MSMEs

MSMEs encourage the growth of entrepreneurship as well as the upgrading of skills by establishing specialized training centres. We help you build the Business world through MSMEs.

Complete HR activities

We ensure talent management, compensation and employee benefits, training and development, compliance and workplace safety.

Market research and product launches

What we do here is an organized effort to gather information about target markets and customers through market research.

It is an important element of business strategy and a key factor in maintaining competitiveness. Market research helps to identify and analyze market needs, market size and competition. We focus on building and delivering with the launch of a new software product or a product update.

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Export and import documentation

We provide services for documents commonly used in international trade such as import and export licenses, End-User statements, certificates of origin, customs declarations and customs payment documents.

Crisis management in industries

We focus more on preparing for and managing any catastrophic or unexpected emergency that affects the business, shareholders, employees, customers and revenue.

We follow this as an important component of public relations.

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We have A-Z creative solutions. Why consider more marketing questions? when we offer you brand consultancy.

We offer in-depth marketing expertise, brand analysis, and solutions to help you sell your products successfully. We follow all products of marketing, right from PR strategies, pricing of marketing, and all branding and marketing strategies. As a creative advertising agency, we provide total brand management services. We help to build a strong brand that positions the brand and helps them win in the market. In this process, we first get a good understanding of your business, products, and services, and then understand what makes your product different. We determine the brand positioning and strategy after conducting extensive research.

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Creative designs

Our team belives that good designs bring joy to people.we belive that unique and memorable designs can influence people.good creative designs tell a story in visual language.

Our team is always eager to create functional and innovative designs to suit our clients' needs. We focus on making our designs play a bigger role in their business. we know design is not about looks it all about how it's works.our talented designers will do the design with lasting impressions.

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What We Do

Our team has experience in working on a wide range of projects, from small working jobs to larger projects encompassing branding and digital.

Our real strength is our ability to effectively provide everything you need from our staff.

We know you need an agency that will help you with the small stuff as well as the larger projects. That’s us.

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